Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year's Recovery For Healthy Skin

Here are some basic tips for skin recovery for the New Year. 

1.  Since alcohol is so dehydrating to the body and makes the skin more sensitized, you should make sure you carry a calming mist ( i.e. Rosewater is great) in your bag. This will not only add much needed hydration to the skin’s surface but it will also calm and reduce the redness. It can be easily spritzed over make-up.

2.  When nights out become mornings after and your skin looks dry and dull, treat it to an overnight, oil-based serum ( you know how I always preach to choir about the need to use a good serum which contains anti-oxidants to fight free radicals) to replenish lost lipids and moisture and rebuild collagen. Apply in the evening and let the essential oils work with the body’s own circadian rhythms to leave your skin silky soft and luminous.     

3.  How to handle the tell-tale dark circles around the eyes? In Chinese medicine, shadows under your eyes are indicative of stress on the kidneys and liver (which makes sense after lots of parties and late nights). You can’t instantly get rid of dark circles, but helping the body detox, rest and revitalize through good nutrition and exercise will all help greatly. For a temporary quick fix, use products that contain anti-inflammatories and optical light diffusers, which are often combined in a light concealer make-up base and act as a multitude of ‘microscopic mirrors’ that deflect the light and decrease shadow lines.

References:  International Dermal Institute.

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