Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let me "touch" you

As an esthetician, part of my treatment includes the performance of massage primarily on the face, neck and shoulder area.  Today, evidence based studies have proven that massage provides therapeutic benefits.  Massage which is a form of touch therapy is known to "unlock" clients stress response patterns.  This often resuts in the revelation various emotions, mostly verbal.  Lots of aaahhhhs and ooohhhss, that feels so good, or that's a really hard knot - I get that all the time. There is much power and healing in touch therapy and some of the symptoms that touch may alleviate are:
1.  Stress, tension and difficulty sleeping
2.  Psychological distress such as anxiety, panic and low mood/depression
3.  Physical symptoms such as pain, nausea and breathlessness
4.  Adjustment to a different/changing body
5.  Sleep disturbance
6.  Side effects of chemotherapy on health and skin
7.  Anything elsee that affects quality of life such as fatigue, feelings of despair.

Needless to say, there is more to touch than meets the eye.  As you experience your facial, you will also experience the detoxification and relief of toxins that block healthy stimulation.  "Let me touch you", your face and body will be revived.