Friday, November 2, 2012

"Did you know" tips for Dry Itchy Skin in the Winter

8 reasons for dry itchy skin in the fall and winter. Cold air, harsh winds and other seasonal factors can lead to dry skin in the fall and winter. 8 tips from a leading dermaesthetic company:
1. Cold dry air has less moisture than warm dry air. During winter using a heavier lotion or cream can help your skin retain moisture longer especially for rougher or extra dry areas.
2. Strong winter winds can strip your skin of it’s natural lipids which are the most important parts of the skin barrier and keeps the skin from drying out.
3. The heat in your house can be drying as well.
4. The heat from a toasty fire can toast your skin. Dead skin builds up quicker in dry heat.
5. Hot showers can feel great but it’s actually bad for your skin
6. Coffee and chocolate can dry your skin from the inside out.
7. Winter clothing can dry your skin and leave it itchy.
8. Ultra violet rays are ever present even during the winter months so you are always at risk for sun damage.


  1. What should you set our house temperature or shower temp to? Admittedly, I love sitting in front of fireplace all cozy, never thought it was bad for my skin since it felt so comforting.

    Could you recommend a good face moisturizer for the winter months? There's so much stuff on the market it's really hard to know what's good and what's not, especially for African-American skin. Thanks!

  2. Air pulled into your home has less moisture in it. When this mixes with the dry heat (Electric or produced by a furnace, the air from the outside dries out even more. This contributes to us having drier skin during the winter and causes a build up of dead skin cells. I love sitting in front of the fireplace as well and suggest a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Shower should be around 95 degrees, home between 68 and 72 ( no higher).

    My favorite line that I know, use and recommend is Tecniche. I've found this line to be exceptional on African-American Skin. Sometimes I've found in this industry that there is an assumption that because your skin contains more melanin that we can handle more sun, harsher scrubs and that our skin is not as sensitive. That's so not true and that's one of the reasons why I like Tecniche. It's amazing for sensitive skin yet still gives hydration, protection, calms any inflammation and packs your skin with Vitamin C ( your collagen builder) for elasticity and firmness. Tecniche comes directly through your skin consultant and I can assist you with more information, direction and instructions on appropriate product selection.

    Miz C